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IMC Medical Group is one of the first institutions in Japan to obtain the qualification for international medical tourism guarantee from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan (registration number: B-121). Its performance and reputation are second to none in this area, and it is your reliable Japanese medical expert.

Since its establishment, the group has served 5,000+ overseas medical patients in Japan (covering dozens of countries and regions around the world), and has been well received.

Group Philosophy

Based on Japan's leading medical environment, combined with innovative medical technology and means, to provide optimal solutions for personalized medicine

The main business areas of the group (see the back of the page for details)

  1. Provide personalized medical solutions (Disease treatment)

  2. Go to the doctor to treat the disease before it happens, prevent the disease before it happens (prevent the disease)

  3. Use Japanese medical care to serve the world (International cooperation)

Institutions under the Group

  • IMC Corporation

  • International medical exchange promotion organization of General Incorporated Association

  • Medical Incorporated Association Zhishenhui

  • International Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment Center

  • Kampo Institute

Founder・CEO-Xia Bing

  • IMC Co., Ltd. Representative Director

  • Medical Incorporated Association Zhishenhui:Management Consultant

  • Vice-Chairman of International medical exchange promotion organization

  • Director-General of the International Medical and Health Management Subcommittee of the Chinese Enterprises Association in Japan

  • Executive Vice President of Japan Yantai General Chamber of Commerce

Group Chairman-Hayashi Motohiro

  • Certified Specialist, Instructor, and Representative of the Japanese Society of Neurosurgery

  • Director of the World Federation of Neurosurgery Societies (WFNS) Department of Positioning Radiation Therapy

  • Director of the International Society for Positioning Radiation Therapy (ISRS)

  • Director of International Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment Center

Group Physician Team

​❖The group medical institutions Partners❖

Juntendo University Hospital

Japanpost Hospital

Research Hospital The Institute of Medical Science The University of Tokyo

Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital

The Jikei University Hospital

NTT Medical Center Tokyo

Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment Center

Urayasu Juntendo University Hospital

Yotsuya Medical Cube

Tokyo Medical University Hospital

Showa University Hospital

Keio University Hospital

Kyoundo Hospital

Acupuncture Research Institutes

Group business (details)

Group business (details)

1. Provide personalized medical solutions Disease treatment

Gathering experts in various fields of medicine, the medical team formulates a professional treatment plan according to the actual situation of the patient. In addition to traditional surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, fully combine stem cell therapy, immune cell therapy, gene therapy, cancer vaccine, targeted drug therapy, etc. to formulate a comprehensive cancer treatment plan. In the later stage of treatment, the use of traditional Chinese medicine (Kampo) science, rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation psychology and other means to provide adjuvant treatment for patients can effectively relieve the patient's physical and mental pain, improve the success rate of treatment and QOL (quality of life).


2. Go to the doctor to treat the disease before it happens, prevent the disease before it happens, and prevent the disease

Provide comprehensive health checkups, comprehensive cancer screening checkups, genetic tests, etc., and provide targeted solutions based on the results of the checkups.


3. Use Japanese medical care to serve the world(International cooperation)

"Advanced medical technology should get rid of geographical restrictions and benefit more people." Adhering to this business purpose, IMC Medical Group actively carries out technical exchange activities between Japan and overseas, and vigorously promotes the globalization of Japan's advanced medical care, regardless of geographical nationality, and strives to relieve the pain and suffering of more patients.

Cancer treatment

Cooperate with experienced experts and well-known medical institutions in Japan to formulate treatment plans for various parts of cancer.

Especially in the field of radiation therapy, a large number of well-known doctors with rich successful cases have gathered, providing Gamma Knife, Cyberknife, ZAP, as well as proton therapy, heavy ion therapy, BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) and other advanced radiation therapy methods that Japan has absolute advantages in .


Immunity therapy

Immunotherapy has gradually become the fourth mainstream method of cancer treatment after the three traditional treatment methods of surgical resection, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. IMC Medical Group introduces immunotherapy methods such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, NK cell therapy, and MT cell therapy, and provides a compound treatment plan that combines multiple treatment methods.


Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is an emerging medical therapy that uses the cell differentiation properties of stem cells to repair defective, dysfunctional or non-functional organ tissues. For difficult diseases that are difficult to cure with existing drugs, regenerative medicine is expected to be able to overcome them. Among them, iPS stem cells will become a breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine because of their multifunctionality of differentiating into various organs and cells and their ability to proliferate almost infinitely.


Complementary and Alternative Therapy

With the improvement of medical technology, the trend of medical treatment has gradually developed from simply curing diseases to reducing the pain of patients as much as possible during the treatment process and improving treatment efficiency. The resulting "complementary and alternative medicine" is a general term for health medicine based on traditional Chinese medicine, exercise therapy such as yoga, nutrition and health food. In the treatment stage and the post-healing recovery stage, the use of medical supplementary food, physical therapy, etc. between drugs and ordinary food as therapeutic aids has attracted more and more attention and favor from people. IMC Medical Group is also actively introducing such a medical concept, using medical food and traditional oriental medicine (including Kampo medicine, etc.) to better provide health support for patients, reduce pain during treatment, and improve prognosis and recovery.



The so-called rehabilitation refers to "measures taken to restore a person who has lost certain abilities due to certain reasons to his original state". In a narrow sense, it refers to physical function training. In a broad sense, it also includes vocational training when returning to work after suspension of work due to illness or other reasons, as well as home improvement and renovation according to physical conditions, and use of nursing insurance services.

IMC Medical Group provides rehabilitation treatment services with the goal of "regaining a life suitable for oneself", and strives to improve the QOL (quality of life) of patients by providing rehabilitation guidance and follow-up after treatment.



With the advancement of medicine, people gradually realize the importance of "physical examination". If hidden dangers of the body can be found in the early stages of disease or non-disease, the lesion can be removed easily and with low pain. What IMC Medical Group vigorously promotes is also the medical concept of "prevention is more important than cure".


Cancer screening

  • Fine tumor screening of various parts, including PET-CT imaging examination, can detect the potential risk of cancer in the whole body at one time.

  • Advanced brain exam. The chairman of the IMC Medical Group personally conducts the operation, and through MRI testing, the risk of potential brain diseases is precisely checked.

  • Provide customized physical examination plans according to the needs of patients and their own conditions. Such as endoscopic (gastrointestinal) examination, genetic examination, etc.

  • Of course, the examination is only the starting point. After the examination, it is more important to give timely feedback on the examination results and doctor's advice, and to keep track of the patient's health. For overseas patients, the Group also provides remote reporting and guidance services.


Check item:

  1. Saliva cancer detection

  2. mRNA cancer genetic testing

  3. AminoIndex (AIRS) cancer/diabetes risk detection

  4. Longevity gene detection

  5. Proteo ultra-early cancer screening

  6. miRNA 13 kinds of cancer risk screening

  7. (CTC)Circulating Tumor Cells detection

  8. Detection of intestinal flora

  9. IgG food allergy detection


Global cooperation

Global export of Japanese medical technology

IMC Medical Group utilizes the group's comprehensive capabilities and social influence, is determined to break away from geographical restrictions, and strives to benefit more people with advanced medical technology. Provide health support to people all over the world including Japan.


Medical Tourism (Inbond)

IMC Medical Group actively receives patients seeking medical treatment in Japan. Not limited to regions and nationalities, eliminating pain and suffering for more patients. As of August 2022. The group has served more than 5,000 patients from China, Thailand, the Netherlands, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia, France, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Portugal, Croatia, Indonesia, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and other countries. Treatment and medical examination, anti-aging treatment and other services.


Globalization of medical care (Outbond)

IMC Medical Group actively conducts overseas exchange and promotion activities to promote Japan's advanced medical technologies and methods overseas. Through cooperation and academic exchanges with well-known overseas medical institutions, Japan's advanced medical technology is exported overseas. Contribute to the "100-year life" in the new era.

contact us

contact us

IMC Medical Group Headquarters

Address: 2nd Floor, MK Kojicho Building, 4-2-1 Kojicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-3-6272-5218 Fax: +81-3-6272-5298





Diet Consultation



If you need to consult Kanpo diet medicine for weight loss, Teleconsultation (disease treatment), Telemedicine (chronic disease), you can directly scan the corresponding QR code above to fill in the requirements.

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